never sleep ....

Night have ever been dissolve of the moment I leave the office. Have passed at 11 night. The work heap, make me have to come home this dissolve.
Ah, boring day of the moment is. Particularly, after a few moments do walk, visible sky colour squeeze. rain start go down. Complete have, body which is tired to be added with "event" rain.

Half run I look for the haven. Fortunately, seller of the fried rice stay in road street corner, have the simple tent. Fair to middling, think me. Soon I shelter, meet the seller father alone, accompanied by theX the cigarette and lamp petromak which still aglow.
He pass in I sit. " Just here sir, than rain...,"
so he said moment I ask the permission shelter.
Just correctness, rain start rapidly, and we more and more seen in condensed silence. Because feeling do not balmy by courtesy of seller father and his tent, I say, " help to make the noodles fry the package, in eating here.
He smile, and start to prepare his fire stove. She see the business. Flavour and frying is even also have ready for in cutting fine vegetables. See to demonstrate a the experience cannot be reached for during just.
Nippy his arms once reach for the bottle taste and whole flavour. Soon, noodles fry the mengepul have been served. The situation is gauche to initialy start lose. Platitude I am the questioning, " Whew his rain add rapid nih, people is more and more seldom secretory yes Mr.?" that father turn around toward my, and say, " Iya sis, become silent nih my merchanidise.." he/she said at the same time suck the cigarette in.
" If rain like this, become a few the buying yes Mr.?" my word, "Wah, rezekinya thus decrease dong yes?" Duh. stupid Question. Of course, a lot do not buy if rain like this. Of course, that question will only make that father add sorrowfully. But, likely I wrong...
" God , ora sare dik, ( that God have never taken a rest), so he said. " Rezeki I is oppositely like if rain like this. is same Wife of my child in kampong is surely could irrigate to make the rice field. Yeah, although wide nope, it is fair to middling but his land." that he continue,
" My child which here surely could rental umbrella if tomorrow still rain...
" Degh. Duh, liver I is jolted. the father is correct, " Tuhan ora sare".
God is the marciful, what have never taken a rest make the slaves.
I seemingly have wronged the life meaning. the Life philosophy I have, see nothing;there is no mean in front of that simple word. Its meaning is tooed in, making me thinking many and realize my cretin before God.
I always think, that rain is disaster, is debacle for many matters. I always have a notion, that rezeki that always in the form of items, and real matter which can be grasped and felt. And I also have a notion, that moment is be that test befall, hence mean me Cuma have to bear with. But I wrong. Rain, truely can become the disaster, but rintiknya can become the award for every farmer.
its Rapid also is benediction for needed rice fields to irrigate. Rain pittypat is possibly deflect to become the debacle, but the pittypat is also becoming the expectation for the some people mengojek umbrella, or push the car walking out.
Hmm... I more and more rush about to finish the noodles fry that have. visible Mind mother to be like peripatetic light trajectories in my marrow. " Alloh is never sleep"
Untunglah,Hujan have alleviated, and i have eaten. Inbound, only that word the remembered, Alloh is never sleep
So, I am amazed often the small things in front of my.
God is truely always have many secrets, and remind us by unforeseen which. Always, Alloh give love to me pass the simple things. And the things is, frequently make I become more and more learning.
Formerly, I hoped, could pass this year with big things, with special something that. I often hope, my moment getting old, matter there must be big which I skip over. Be like year before all, I wish is the matter amaze I do.
But, seemingly this year of God have the other plan make me. In every my prayer, is often said me to always can learn and mean hikmah life. And this God is even also fixed give best me. I fixed learn, and continue to learn, although is not with special and big things.
I pray to be given power...but, God give the temptation so that strength me face it.
I pray to be given wisdom... but, God give the me of problem so that I can break it.
I pray to be given intellegence ... but, God give the brain and mind so that I can learn from Him.
I pray to be given bravery...but, God give danger/troble so that I can face it.
I pray to be given by theX the love and affection...but, God give his liver hurt people who so that i can share with his.
I pray to be given part ... but, God give the opportunity door so that I can exploit it.

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wow, artikel yang mantabb... thanks yah.. keep sharing

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heryanto said...

assalamu'alaikum, silaturahmi sob. sukses.

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Never Sleep, cerita menarik :)

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