such tsa'alabah now ?

Such Tsa'labah now ones friend Nabi which is impecunious to come Nabi at the same time inform against its natural economic pressure.
Tsa'Labah, name of the friend, request Nabi to pray so that God give portion which many to it.
Initialy Nabi refuse the the request at the same time advise Tsa'labah so that imitating life Nabi.
But Tsa'labah continue to insist on. This he tell the argument up this moment until now still often we hear, " Yes Rasul, isn't it true if God give properties to me, hence I can give to each and everyone his rights".
Prophet is then praying Tsa'labah. Tsa'Labah start to buy livestock.
Its livestock rapidly grow so that he have to develop build ranch rather far from Madinah.
Be like can be anticipated, every day he stir to manage his livestock.
He cannot again attend shalat jama'ah with Rasul day time.
Days hereinafter, his livestock more and more; so that progressively stir also Tsa'labah manage it.
Now, he cannot again berjama'ah with Rasul.

Even attend shalat jum'at and shalat corpse even also cannot be done again.
When downwards govern the religious obligatory, Nabi assign two friend people to draw religious obligatory from Tsa'labah. Darling, Tsa'labah refuse out of handly of courier Nabi that.
When courier Nabi come will report the case Tsa'labah this, Nabi greet that courier with his utterance, " Fatal Tsa'labah!"
Irate prophet, and irate God even also! That moment go down Qs at-Taubah: 75-78
" And between them is be which have sweared to God, " Real if God give partly His grant from above to our, surely we will alms and surely we are including pious people who."
Hence after God give to them partly from His grant from above, they sharpen with that grant from above, and look away, their truely people who is always overshadow ( truth).
Hence God generate hypocrisy their liver shall to time they meet God, because they have denied to their God what have do sweared to Him and ( also) because they always tell a lie.
Not they know in fact God know the secret and the whisper of they, and in fact God is very know the ghaib?"
Tsa'Labah hear is sentence downwards carp x'self, he start fear.
Soon he meet Nabi at the same time deliver his religious obligatory. However Nabi refuse it, " God prohibit I accept it." Tsa'Labah cry bitter tears.
After Nabi pass away, Tsa'labah deliver his religious obligatory to Abu Bakar, then Umar, but both Khalifah that refuse it.
Tsa'Labah die at a period of Utsman.
Such Ts'alabah now?
whetherwe Tsa'labah-Tsa'labah newly which with tear request so that portion God downwards to us, and when portion that downwards, boastfully its we forget the God sentences.
Aren'T we is with reason stir the to have business do not again have time to sholat five time.
Isn'T it true with reason exist " meeting important" we forget the comand to sholat Friday.
Isn'T it true when is asking for the religious obligatory and alms, we deliver a lecture them with story that the estae we have the result of hard work, day and night scarbble; not downwards off hand from sky, then why people will delicious [of] just him ask the alms without having to hard work.
We Tsa'labah....Tsa'labah actually above the ground and " mazhab"-nya still we follow...
It is said, there is the history load the suggestion Nabi Muhammad SAW ( and latter composed become the poem by Taufiq Ismail),
" Alms, and don't await one day wait in thou moment wish alms but pauper refuse it and tell ' us do not need your money, which we require is your blood'!"
Ahead Tsa'labah weep in front of Nabi the do not willing to accept his religious obligatory.
Middle now social difference in our country, we don't not merely will weep besapttered but blood when pauper refuse the alms and religious obligatory we!
borrowed ideas from milis masyarakat-muslim, by

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